Month: August 2015

Dave Davis Interview

Dave Davies

Dave Davies

Creative people were a magnet to me. I’d realised this the first time I’d encountered Stuart and then John at Art College. When I was trying to arrange for her to be interviewed by Philip Norman, John’s Aunt Mimi readily agreed to it, telling me, “I’ll always remember you because you were the first person ever to call John a genius.” Ray Davies was another of those rare creative people I encountered on my journey across this life.  Continue reading


lennon bronteI have an open mind about voyages into the unknown. I have had out-of-body experiences and lucid dreams, so I have lost the ability to have a closed mind about matters that other people find incredible and are sceptical of. The part work ‘Man, Myth & Magic’ featured a full page article about my lucid dreams and I even received a letter from Oxford University requesting I come to their dream laboratory, but I was so involved in promoting bands seven days a week I never had the time. Continue reading

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