Month: March 2015

Memories Linger On.

Bill Harry

Bill Harry

Sadly, I have reached a time when fate intervenes to prevent me detailing the histories of so many of the musicians I knew. For years I have puzzled as to how I could contact Mark Peters, who’d led groups such as the Silhouettes and the Cyclones. I’d been told he was abroad, at one time living in Malta, but no one could give me any details. Then, in recent years, I was told he died in France around an August period, although someone else said he’d passed away in the Newcastle area. I often wondered what kind of life he’d led after leaving the Mersey scene.

I was in direct contact with Brendan McCormack a brilliant Mersey guitarist who said he would provide me with his story, but before I did the interview, I received news that he’d passed away. It’s just unfortunate that time is against me. Continue reading

Introduction (Part One)

Festival of Britain

Down in London for the festival of Britain with mates from Skerry’s College

Music has been my life and words seem inadequate to describe the intense beauty, delight and inspiration it has brought to me over the long years of a lifetime. When I lived in poverty as a child, without even two halfpennies to rub together as they say, between the harshness of the bombed out streets and lack of anything substantial, the one thing that stood out and made everything else seem insignificant, was music and art. Continue reading

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